I hired a contractor. Does this mean I’m a grown up?

I made the decision today to hire a contractor to renovate my newly purchased home.  To be honest, I’m freaking out about it a little bit.  Once they start ripping out walls what will they find? Does my popcorn/glitter ceiling contain asbestos?  Will I like the new bathroom color scheme?  Will I be able to live with an un-renovated kitchen?  Will I be able to pay for all of this?  Yikes!  It’s enough to drive a girl to drink (um, yeah already had myself a glass of wine…. )

Despite my fears I must forge ahead with the project.  (Heaven knows I can’t live with all that wallpaper!)  Now’s the perfect time to trust my taste, decision making ability and judgement.  It’s going to be a bit of an adventure over the next month and I invite you to come along for the ride!  Here are some pics of the house in current condition: picture-uh=a1188483baf1eb8437b3ea1413338c5f-ps=18bac8ec1e7d736afd5c823156483f2c-71-Lunar-Ave-Braintree-MA-02184 picture-uh=1a18a9cf2bdfe099b6122befd5fdc98a-ps=454a3a726dc9c75054583d882944f937 picture-uh=45b868cd91e649cdbdfd505956138362-ps=78efcf86c992d0739684faaf592411 picture-uh=65e48776cf9b4a91d55280fda3f9f5f8-ps=2d5f2f7350e73fbc5dcd76131cdb7773 picture-uh=9d36a38ef22c326b2615766e554a4e94-ps=bb9d339e53a2e57955b90548b3598dc

Have you ever hired a contractor?  If so, how did it go?

Have you made any decisions lately that you were nervous about?

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