Stage 1: rip it all out!



Guts of a bathroom

Guts of a bathroom


Uh oh Deb, don’t fall down!


Gone, gone, gone


Nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey goodbye

After the craziness of closing on the house, trying to find a contractor I liked (and trusted),and the general overall panic that happens when you decide to embark on a major project comes the time to put everything in motion.
So begins stage 1 which I like to call – just rip it all out already! The bathroom has been completely gutted. No more shiny silver wallpaper and hideous peach tile. Gone is the block of a vanity with its linoleum lined medicine cabinet, along with the peeling linoleum from the floor. In its place is a Dark, empty hole just waiting for inspiration to hit. (If you have some to spare please send it my way).

Next up was the removal of the minuscule railing. Seriously, this thing maybe came up to my thighs. I was envisioning my nephew saying “hey watch me” as he flung himself from it and onto my sofa, when he gets a bit older. So, clearly, the railing had to be replaced with something a bit higher and safer.

Lastly, the half wall between the kitchen and living room was demo’d. I hope this will make the house feel more open and have better flow between kitchen and living room.

That’s it for stage 1. Next up will be removal of carpet and wallpaper (thankfully!). The next big thing for me is coming up with a color scheme for the painter – I’m thinking pale grey and white? What do you think? Feel free to make color palette suggestions.

Until next time ……

4 thoughts on “Stage 1: rip it all out!

  1. Well that was a convincing “falling” photo. I like the gray/white scheme for the bathroom but do you really want it all over the house? Decisions decisions!!


    • A comment! Too bad I had to pressure you. Haha ! I don’t know. It’s hard to pick colors and I can’t take my time so maybe just the bathroom hall and living room. I can probably wait on the others. At least it is neutral. Re: photo – it was late. You did the best you could without actually falling.


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